Vendor Policies


Welcome to the new Domain!

If you where already a seller on, just state it in your submission form


To become a vendor, simply click on sell now and fill in the small application

Copy this form and fill it, into the description of your application:

* Imvu Avatar name:

* Email that I can join you on:

File store url (If you have one):

No store? Add screenshots links of your work: 

Comments or Questions:
This form will appear in your Shop description, can be changed when or if accepted


If you are accepted, you will see new tabs in your profile to add, edit and delete products

Theres is no pending process for product submissions, this may change if is abused of


Reasons for not being accepted

- History of theft
- History of bullying
- History of copying (Not just for using same references, I mean copying original products or files)
- The examples or url you sent show stolen goods



I could not add the direct customer to vendor paypal payout system on the new domain

So the system as changed, you can ask for payouts when you reach the amount of 25$

Please leave me up to 2 days to complete your payout as I am alone at the moment to manage the site

Payouts will need less processing time when the vendor count is small

I do not take any comissions, but Payouts are subject to paypal fees since I need a Business account to receive the money

Want to know how much will be deducted? Here is a free Paypal fee calculator

More about paypal fees

For now, payouts will only be offered with Paypal


A must read before submitting a product

  • All Terms & Conditions applied here as well
  • All content submitted to the marketplace must be of your own creation unless you have resell rights with credible evidence/proof
  • Intellectual property theft will not be tolerated
  • You may only submit IMVU related files or/and tools for 3D programs such as Photoshop, Blender 3D, 3DSmax…
  • You are responsible for your customers, do not redirect them to the Sites admin if they need help with one of your products, unless it’s related to the site such as Checkout problems, download problems…
  • Do not copy off original ideas [ Same references do not apply ]
  • Post in the correct category
  • You may submit custom services by choosing the option "Add a Product or Service as an Ordinary Listing" in the product creation page
  • Do not submit a product more than once [ Duplicates ]
  • You may sell AP files BUT the genital areas must be censored in the product images [ Nipples, Vaginas, Penises, Butt cracks ] Keep it 13+

Please note that an infraction can lead to a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity

Last changed 9/12/2020

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