– Borders define the rez area limit for your shop
– No auto inviters, greeters or anything thats gives out a menu and chat message without clicking on it
– No hover text, except for temporary vendors hover text and animation/pose vendors
– No covering up “reskinning” the exterior of the shops with prims
– No full bright displays unless they are meant to falsely emit light

– Mainstores may have a work platform over 1024m, it must be the size of their store and over the store
– Mainstores have their own landing points for the search
– Large Mainstores have a bigger rez area (will be defined when accepted)

– Skins
– Apparel
– Accessories
– Furniture
– Landscaping components
– Prefabs (Images or miniatures and tp to rezzer or Demo)
– Makeup
– Gachas
– Animations/Poses
– Shapes

Not Allowed
– Breedables
– Affiliates
– Estate listings
– Services
– Child & baby products

– Small ~ 100 LI ~ 340L$/week
– Medium ~ 200 LI ~ 450L$/week
– Large ~ 400 LI ~ 750L$/week
– Custom LI prices are dealt if accepted