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  • We will not tolerate any type of  harassment, trolling, bullying, any type of hate speech, racism… and remain respectful of other members at all times


  • Mini-modding is not allowed
  • Public Accusations are not allowed
  • Copying off others art works or products is not allowed
  • Sharing of private information that can lead to identity theft is strictly forbidden, this includes IMVU passwords
  • Anything you post on PIXIBOOP must be of your own creation or you have explicit consent from the Author to post his/her content (This does not include link shares, such as youtube, vimeo, meme sites, gif hosting sites…)


  • NUDITY We must not see any part of the genitals in any type of content submitted to PIXIBOOP, they must be censored at all times – Keep everything PG13

Content = Text, images, audio files, videos files, ebooks…

Found something interesting in someones shop? Read below before shopping! 

  • Each seller have their own policies, rules and order processing methods, so it is important to read them
  • Do not ask to buy files using imvu’s currency (Credits)
  • Contact seller if you have questions on their product

Disclaimer Alexandra Alarie, Pixiboop & AquanrianPrincess is not responsible for those shops

We will also close down a shop and ban a user if fraud and scam are involved


Any copyright infringements will result in a permanent blocked access to the site

Ressources [To read before making a copyright takedown request]

Any found scammers/frauders will be permanently blocked from accessing the site

What’s a fraud?  What’s a scam?

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