[FREE] Tombstone Patch

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Chkn file - Shadow Maps - UV Maps - Mesh files (FBX)

A free tombstone with rising hand, dirt patch and foliage plains

Materials/Parts (can be hidden with a simple black opac): Hand, tombstone, cross, foliage and dirt patch

Included in zip file

  • Chkn file
  • Shadow Maps
  • UV Maps
  • Mesh files (FBX)
Files Exclusivity Mass Sale
Resell Rights No Resell Rights
Shop Rules You MAY use the files in 1 imvu catalog Buy again to use on an alternative account - - You MAY set the MESHES as derivable - - You MAY NOT set TEXTURES as derivable - - You MAY NOT resell any of my files under any shape or form[Not applicable to those who bought resell rights on my old files store] - - You MAY NOT use my files in an other virtual world – for IMVU only! - - You MAY NOT claim my work as your own (Filing a dmca takedown is the same as claiming my work as your own. Only I can file dmca notices, and your name will show up on the counter-notification) - - If you are using the mesh to make as a derivable, please put a minimum profit of 100 credits (Does not apply to those who purchased files before this update, but from now on, you have to) - - If you are using meshes to texture and sell WITHOUT derivability enabled, you can set the profit you want

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